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How can we work with your school?

We work in international schools where English is often a second language for many children. We mainly work with primary age children from 5 - 11 years and offer: ​

  1. Weekly curriculum-complementing programme.

     We meet with your teachers to find out what their plans are at the beginning of the term and then design weekly sessions to complement your curricular topics. With regular visits, the children receive the real benefits of the arts-based learning. 
  2. Bespoke Topical Workshops.

    Is your class studying a particular book or traditional celebration? We can provide a different dimension and bring it alive in a creative manner! 
  3. After-school Programme.

     We offer an after-school programme for Years 1&2 and Years 3-6 that allow children to explore familiar educational topics in a safe, dynamic and creative environment. We play with key components of performance such as freeze frame, mime, movement, voice, character and much more! Each term culminates in a showcase for parents of the skills learnt. 
  4. Senior Programme for teens.

     Click here to learn more about our LOB Youth programme for 13-18 years.

We currently deliver our sessions in English, though are able to involve Spanish (Castellano) where necessary.  We offer sessions for the whole class of students (up to 25). Sessions are between 30minutes - 60minutes long depending on age group, how many sessions you want and timing of your school day!

 We offer a *FREE TRIAL* 

so you can see first hand how we work as facilitators to build a safe, fun environment for the children to explore a topic creatively through drama.  ​


We strive to make our sessions as inclusive as possible. During our whole class sessions in school time, it is a requirement to have one member of school staff present in the room with us (and please note this person would be in addition to any one-to-one support staff for SEN children). In our experience, this not only ensures for maximum enjoyment but also for the safety and wellbeing of all participants involved.  ​ We hope you may also see this as an opportunity to view your students in action in a different environment, where many can often surprise you with their session contributions! 

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