Praise for LOB

Our Primary students and their parents say really nice things about Drama club!  To read about what our Senior students and teachers say, click here

  • "I enjoyed drama club because it taught me about history and performing. Also it helped me connect with kids from other classes." - Isla, 8 

  • "Wonderful show! Vanessa enjoys a lot drama class. Thank you!"

  • "It's a wonderful show today. I thought my child really enjoyed it. She learned a lot of skills. Thank you so much."

  • "Aashvi do love to continue drama classes. She is always very excited. I have noticed she is more confident and express herself. Thank you!"

  • "Maria is more confident when performing in front of someone she doesn't know well."

  • "Yunchen enjoys Drama Club so much!"

  • "Very good! It's good for Maddox, it's something new for him."

  • "Thank you, Amelia really enjoys her drama classes, she talks about it a lot and showed us 'circus' at home"

  • "Great teamwork and clarity!"

  • "I had a lot of fun in drama, thank you!" - Student, 10

  • "It's really fun and interesting" - Matvey, 11 

  • "Creating characters with our friends and talking about the cocoa bean!" - Noah, 10

  • "I think Tiansa enjoys drama class. You taught well and she learned a lot. The classroom atmosphere is relaxed and fun. I'm sure she will continue to study. Thank you so much." 

  • "Amelia loved the drama toolbox creativity". 

  • "Everything is perfect. Thank you so much!"

  • "Yelyzaveta like drama club! Thanks"