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After-school Drama Club

Since September 2022, we have offered an after-school drama club for primary international school children in Barcelona. The ‘Learning Off Book’ after-school drama club uses a holistic programme that encourages an active and creative response to familiar topics that the children study in class, through drama. 

We use cross-curricular topics such as “Homes and Habitats”, "Off into Space","Save Our Oceans!" , "Ancient Civilizations" and "Myth and Mask" (to name but a few). The children explore both their existing and new knowledge across the curriculum, but "off-book"; through play, creative movement, voice and speech work and performance.  ​

We offer clubs for Junior children in two age groups;

  • Age 5 - 7years. (Years 1 & 2)
  • Age 7 - 11years.   (Years 3 - 6)
  • What does every class involve? 


    During every class, our students will have fun, develop communication skills, confidence and:

  • learn at least one new fact about the world they live in
  • learn and practice using new vocabulary related to the topic through drama games 
  • learn how to use a drama tool from the “drama toolbox”- freeze frame, role-play, mime, action clip, chorus and more! 
  • make drama using the drama tool/s of the week to explore an imaginary situation or provide a creative solution
    to a pressing world problem such as ocean pollution. 

  • What do our students think?

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    What about older students?

    Don't forget! We have been offering a youth programme for students aged 12 - 18 years since January 2023. Read more here.