Our ethos

We believe in a holistic education methodology. Our methodology supports individual learning styles, different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Drama offers a multimodal approach to learning that invites children to feel safe, confident and motivated to explore new areas of knowledge. In this creative environment, students will discover new parts of their own identity and connect with others, the curriculum and the world around them.

Our off-book method

In our programmes, the learning material comes alive through tailored arts- based activities in which the students engage with their curriculum, off book. As well as developing our own programme and topics with relevance to the curriculum, we can also work directly alongside teachers to support their work, designing dynamic sessions where children embody the exact topics they are studying in class. This allows for deeper experiential learning on the topics at hand.

As they explore their topics through Drama, the children are engaged in:

body (kinaesthetic)

- rooted in physical action, active experiential learning

mind (cognitive)

- rooted in problem solving, critical thinking and reflection and

spirit (affective)

- rooted in social connection, to themselves and others